Micah House Newsletter
November 2015

Welcome from the Micah House Board President

Our 25th year has been a busy one. Last April, we started a new tradition with the Micah Machon 5th grade adopting the Micah House walk as their project. On the day of the walk, the 5th grade took the lead in creating posters and inspiring the entire religious school in the sanctuary prior to the walk with their rap on Micah House.  

Over the summer, three of our four residents moved on to the next stage in their journeys and we welcomed several new residents.   

The Micah House Board had a fall potluck dinner with the Micah House residents and we were pleased to have Teddy Klaus and Rabbis Josh Beraha and Susan Landau join us at this event.   

The Micah House Board with the help of Teddy Klaus has also done our share of home improvement projects this year replacing all of the box springs and mattresses in the house, fixing ceiling fans, undertaking roof repairs and replacing the dryer.   

Later this month, we will have our annual Temple Micah/Micah House worship service and again this year will be sponsoring a panel on the broader issues of homelessness and addiction at the Community Shabbat dinner following the service. We hope you will join us for the service and dinner on November 20th.  

-- Ann Sablosky
Micah House Service November 20!

The Micah House Service is a long-standing tradition at Temple Micah. This year's event is scheduled for November 20 at 6:30pm. All are invited to this service, which includes a speech by a Micah House alumna.  

In addition, Micah House is continuing a tradition it began last year --organizing a panel discussion after the service focusing on homelessness and addiction.  The panel discussion will be part of a Temple Micah community dinner and registration is required.  The panelists are U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler, Executive Director of N Street Village Schroeder Stribling, and former Washington Post reporter and author of S Street Rising Ruben Castaneda. Micah House board member Jen Budoff, who is also the budget director for the District of Columbia Council, will moderate.  

Scholarship Fund Helps Alumna

The Orwin Scholarship Fund for Micah House Residents (Scholarship Fund for short) aims to expand economic opportunity for Micah House residents and alumnae through grants for educational activities.  

Qualifying programs include:

  • Accredited 2- or 4-year colleges or universities leading to a bachelor's or associate's degree
  • Technical certifications (e.g., phlebotomy, CNA)
  • In-service training to improve job skills/advancement potential (for employed applicants)
  • GED prep and fees

Other program types may be eligible on a case-by-case basis.  

As reported in the last newsletter, the program made its first award in Spring 2015 to one of our residents -- an employee at a security company -- with a grant for $1,200 to cover the cost of several professional development courses with Federal Protective Services. The resident (now a successful Micah House alumna living in a market-rate apartment) is on track to complete the courses this fall and earn her certification as a Protective Security Officer for the Department of Homeland Security. The certification will qualify her to provide security for any federal building as a contractor or government employee. This type of work comes with an increased salary, benefits, and promotion potential.  

Another Successful Micah House Walk

The weather couldn't have been nicer and the participants could not have been more enthusiastic on April 26, when dozens of Micah House supporters of all ages set out for the annual mini-walk, Micah House's major fundraising event. Whether you were a walker, a donor, or a volunteer, Micah House benefited from your support.  

This year, Machon Micah 5th graders took on the walk as their mitzvah project, and a few of them wrote and performed the rap below to get the crowd powered up before the walk!  

It's the Micah House walk and it's time to help
I hope we get good reviews on Yelp.
The Micah House women had bad addictions
But the Micah House helped them have good conditions.
We're doing this to help them raise money
And I hope you think this song is really funny.
We're Jews and we're proud to shout it out
And that's what the Micah House is all about.
It's time to walk and it's time to stroll
But you have to remember to be in control.
Micah House!  

Next Dor and Micah House

Temple Micah's new rabbi, Susan Landau, has followed in the footsteps of her predecessors and taken a special interest in Micah House. Rabbi Landau also coordinates Next Dor, a group for Jews in their 20s and 30s, and has organized several ways for the two organizations to come together.  During Sukkot, Micah House board members Ben Moss and Stacy Cloyd led an educational session in the Sukkah for Next Dor members and Rabbi Landau provided an inspiring talk about the importance of Micah House.  She and Rabbi Beraha attended the Micah House potluck in September.  There will also be a table of Next Dor members at the community dinner following the Micah House service.  

Fun at End-of-Summer Potluck

After a busy summer, Micah House residents, board members, and alumnae joined with the Micah House case manager and Rabbis Landau and Beraha for an evening of food and fellowship.  From Bev's noodle kugel and Debbie's famous chili through Stacy and Teddy's chips-and-dips duo and all the way to Ed and Suzanne's delicious bundt cake (and so much more!), everyone left with full stomachs and full hearts.  

Congratulations, Karen!

Micah House resident Karen was a winner in the "DC Unseen" photo contest sponsored by HIPS and Washington AIDS Partnership.  Her photograph of an older man standing outside of the Anacostia metro station was entitled "Moses in DC."  As part of her artist statement, Karen wrote about the support she received from her work at HIPS.  She added, "I used to not care about anything or anyone but myself, but now I'm going on two years clean...I'm seeing things that used to be unseen by me" including the importance of the elderly to our community.  

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