Micah House

Micah House provides support and social services to homeless women with long histories of alcohol and other drug abuse. Residents arrive at this sunny, spacious home from shelters or drug rehabilitation programs. They receive individual and group counseling to meet their needs in maintaining a job, managing a budget, staying healthy, meeting education goals, and finding a place of their own.


"I stayed long enough to find the dream, and I went on with the dream.  Living at Micah House...was the opportunity of a lifetime."  -- R.M.

Micah House Walk
Micah House Walk
Thirty years ago, Micah House was born out of our community's commitment to addressing the homelessness crisis that engulfed our city and country. Since that crisis has sadly not abated in the intervening years, Micah House continues to be a much-needed refuge for women experiencing homelessness in our midst. 

Micah House is the refuge our community has created and supported where courageous women put their lives back together. With our support, these women are able to transition to safe and secure independent living. 

Unfortunately, the current pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerability of the homeless population, and so Micah House's needs are greater than ever. 

We are aware that we are living in a time when there are great demands on your resources from a vast array of worthwhile causes. There are so many urgent needs as our national social safety net has been tattered. For us, Micah House is different simply because it is ours

This year, the annual Micah House Walk will take place virtually. Register to be a walker using this form, and then take a walk with Micah House on your mind. 

We are asking everyone to print out this sign and take a picture of yourself (and your family members) walking, to share with the community. Pictures can be emailed to alexina.haefner@templemicah.org or uploaded to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #WalkWithMicah.